Script only. Bundle 1 of 3. The story is divided into a total of 15 parts, each bundle containing 5 parts. Page numbering is based on the pixiv stack for slightly easier navigation. All credit for the story goes to ブラックサンダー on Pixiv.

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Part 1

Page 3:
Shindou & Kirino: Haah…

Sangoku: What’s wrong, you two?
Sangoku: Was today’s practice really that tough?
Shindou: Wh– uh, no…

Shindou: Since we’ve actually decided on going through with the revolution, we’ve been feeling pretty tired.
Shindou: Right, Kirino?
Kirino: Yeah…
Kirino: That’s right, Shindou… hahaha…

Page 4:
Shindou: Kirino? What’s wrong, did something else happen?
Kirino: Yeah… well.
Kirino: Recently,
Kirino: I feel like someone’s been watching me…

Kirino: It’s been like this for a month
Kirino: Especially during practice…

Shindou: Again?
Kirino: Again.

Shindou: Has anything of yours been stolen?
Kirino: Not yet.
Shindou: Or have you gotten any weird presents or letters?
Kirino: Nah, this time I think I’m just being watched.

Kirino: Ah, but if if I think about it, maybe things will go better this time?
Shindou: Hey, hey.
Shindou: You don’t know if you’ll be kidnapped like last time.
Shindou: You and I are different in terms of money, after all.
Sangoku: Shindou must get that a lot, too…

Page 5:
???: Hey Kirino, can you come here for a bit?
Kirino: Sorry, Shindou, you can change before me. We’ll talk later.
Shindou: Alright~ see you later.

Page 4:
Shindou: Huh!? Why did he come out all on his own?
Shindou: And why is he waving at Kirino…
Shindou: with… me….

Kirino: Recently, I feel like someone’s been watching me…
No way…
Shindou: We’ve been feeling pretty tired.

Page 6:
This guy…
Kirino: It’s been like this for a month
Kirino: Especially during practice…
…likes Kirino?

Shindou: It can’t be… but if I think about it, then it fits with everything up until now…

Shindou: For now, I don’t think this will do much damage,
Shindou: But what should I do…?

Part 2
Page 9:
Instrumentalist Maestro.
An Avatar that appeared by my side around one month ago.

Right now,
he’s in love with my childhood friend.

Shindou: He’s looking at him again.

Page 10:
Shindou: I should tell you…
Shindou: Kirino’s a guy, you know?

Shindou: Ah… okay.
Maestro: You’re just now noticing?
Shindou: It’s fine as long as you understand…

Shindou: More importantly, this guy isn’t even human.
Shindou: Is that where the problem is?
Shindou: It might be that gender has nothing to do with it when it comes to Kirino.
Shindou: And…

Page 11:
Shindou: Kirino’s a pretty nice guy.

Shindou: He’s happy.

Shindou: Now that I think about it, ever since this guy appeared, Kirino’s always been by my side.
Shindou: This past month…

Page 12:
When I was sick, during practice, during matches…
…On holidays, after school…
Shindou: …When he copied off my homework earlier…
Shindou: Pretty shameful, if I do say so myself.

Shindou: Always watching this shameful guy without seeing his bad side…
Shindou: I guess it’s only natural that he’d fall in love

Shindou: …So I say,

Shindou: But even if I know the reasons, it’s not like I can tell Kirino about it…
Sangoku: Heeey, Shindou, can I ask you something?
Shindou: On the other hand, leaving things as is would be…

Page 13:
Shindou: But if I tell him about this, there’s almost no chance that it’ll work out
Shindou: and keeping things as they are now would probably be the best way to go

Shindou: This guy probably knows that, as well.
Shindou: So that’s why he’s just watching…

Shindou: Huh? Is this really okay? I mean, he looks pretty happy, but…
Shindou: But… that’s…

Shindou: Isn’t that too much?!
Sangoku: !?

Shindou: Sangoku-san, I…
Shindou: I want to at least make my Avatar look cool!
Sangoku: Hah? Uh… Alright… (At least?)

Part 3

Page 15:
I started noticing that someone was watching me around one month ago.

Thanks to how I look, I stand out a lot, so I’ve been catching other people’s attention for a long time.
Kirino: They’re watching me again…

Kirino: I’m used to it by now, so I don’t mind,
Kirino: but it’s kind of worrying since I don’t know who it is.

Kirino: Huh?

Page 16:
Kirino: Shindou’s Avatar is out.
Kirino: He’s not supposed to show up outside of matches…
Kirino: And he came out on his own…

[Maestro, glad that their eyes met]

Page 17:

Kirino: What was that?

Kirino: Shindou said that he was feeling tired recently…
Kirino: Wait… could it be…?

Kirino: Speaking of that, that Tengawara guy seemed pretty tired after using his Avatar.
Kirino: So that guy’s the source of it…

Kirino: This is bad… at this rate,

Kirino: Shindou will be in trouble!!
Tenma: Captain, why has your Avatar always been out recently?
Shindou: Well… It’s some kind of training…
Tenma: Cooool!!

Page 18:
Kirino: That’s right, the first time he brought him out he got way tired
Kirino: Shindou!!

Kirino: Your Avatar’s out!!
Kirino: Even seeds have a tough time keeping their Avatars out all the time.
Shindou: A-ah, this is…
Kirino: Put him away!!
Shindou: Huh?

Kirino: Hey, you!
Maestro: ?

Page 19:
Kirino: If you try doing anything more to Shindou…

Kirino: I’ll beat you up, along with Fifth Sector!!

Shindou: Yes?!

Part 4

Page 21:
Shindou: I’m alright, he’s not out. …Yeah, I’m feeling fine.
Shindou: Uh-huh
Shindou: Yeah. He doesn’t have anything to do with Fifth Sector, okay?

Shindou: What now…?

Lying around

Page 22:
Shindou: I’ve managed to convince Kirino for now,
Shindou: but for a little while, don’t come out during matches…

Shindou: He’s crying.

Shindou: I know you have good intentions, but whenever you’re out my stamina goes down.
*his scarf
Shindou: You don’t want Kirino to think any worse of you, do you?

Shindou: I’m sorry.
Shindou: Sorry you had to come to me…

Page 23:
Shindou: All you do is help me out, but when you’re feeling troubled,
Shindou: I’m not any help at all…
Shindou: I’m sorry…

Maestro: That’s not true. You’re a very kind and strong person.

Maestro: I am glad that I can play soccer at your side.

Shindou: Maestro…

Page 24:
Shindou: I’m glad I got to have an Avatar like you.
Shindou: Thank you, Maestro…

Shindou: …wait

Shindou: Huh? You can type words?!
Maestro: It seems to be so.
Shindou: Don’t just say “It seems to be so”!!

Shindou: We should’ve figured this out sooner!
Shindou: Wait a second… I think I had it somewhere around here
Shindou: There it is!

Shindou: Here, you can use this!

Shindou: You don’t have to be so reserved!
Shindou: I never really used it, anyways.

Page 25:
Shindou: Your hands are big, so it’ll be easier to use this than a phone.
Shindou: If you ever want to say something, then you can use this!
Maestro: !

Shindou: When you can’t come out, just send me a message.
Shindou: It looks like he likes it!

Shindou: ….Huh? Wait a second…
Shindou: This can work!

Shindou: Things could work out!!

Part 5

Page 27:
Shindou: I’ve got both good and bad news.

Shindou: What do you want to hear first?
Kirino: Huh?

Kirino: What are you talking about? Shouldn’t you be worrying more about–
Shindou: I’ve got good and bad news!!
Kirino: ……

Page 28:
Kirino: …Alright, then the good news.

Shindou: Didn’t you say that you felt like someone was watching you?
Kirino: Yeah…

Shindou: I know who it was!

Kirino: I totally forgot! You looked into it for me? I feel kind of bad.
Shindou: No…
Kirino: Who was it?

Shindou: Well, uh.
Shindou: The culprit…? Is…

Shindou: a friend of mine.

Page 29:
Kirino: That’s the bad news?
Shindou: Kind of…

Shindou: So… uh…
Shindou: They kind of asked me a favor…

Shindou: My friend kind of wanted to know if you’d want to be their pen pal

Shindou: or something…

Kirino: Hell no!!
Shindou: Please!!

Page 30:
Kirino: There’s no way I’d share my email with somebody that doesn’t even have the courage to show their face!!

Shindou: T-they’re
Shindou: sort of shy, so–
Kirino: So they’re making you do all the work?

Kirino: That’s annoying.

Shindou: Tha– that’s going too far…
This is your address.
I added mine into your address book, so you can send something to me quickly if you press this.
Shindou: They can be pretty bothersome sometimes,

Shindou: but…
Maestro: Thank you very much.

Shindou: Please…
Shindou: They’re really important to me.

Page 31:
Kirino: ………fine, only a little…
Shindou: Really?!
Kirino: If they creep me out, then I’m gonna block them…
Shindou: I know!

Kirino: Trying to persuade me with your tears…
Kirino: Well, Shindou, what’s their name?

Shindou: Huh…?
Kirino: Their name.
Shindou: Crap– that’s right, a name!

Shindou: I should’ve thought of this earlier…
Kirino: I don’t wanna talk to them if I don’t know their name.
Shindou: Since it’s Maestro, how about…
Shindou: Mae…. Maeda? Maeda…

Shindou: Ma… Maeda!
Shindou: Maeda Sou!!
Kirino: Hm….