Script only. Bundle 2 of 3. The story is divided into a total of 15 parts, each bundle containing 5 parts. Page numbering is based on the pixiv stack for slightly easier navigation. All credit for the story goes to ブラックサンダー on Pixiv.

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Part 6

Page 3:
Kirino: ?
Kirino: I don’t recognize this address…

Kirino: ! Oh… I forgot.

Kirino: Well, worst case scenario I can just block them.
Dear Mr. Kirino Ranmaru,
Kirino: They’re surprisingly polite

I have heard about the situation from Shindou Takuto,
I feel like I must apologize for bringing myself into your matters.
Kirino: Seriously.

Page 4:
Although I was satisfied with just watching you from afar at the beginning,
Recently I have found the want to see you closer,
and that brought about troubles in the end.

However, I have decided to stop watching you, so please rest at ease.
I feel satisfied hearing about you through Shindou Takuto.

I also feel like this is the final mail that I wish to send you.
Kirino: Huh?

Kirino: I thought you were the one that started this?
Lastly, it might be strange for me to say something like this to you,

But please continue supporting Shindou Takuto, as you have been.

Page 5:
He has constantly received help from you for a long time.
Kirino: Wrong.

Thanks to your support, he has somehow managed to reach the status of “captain.”

It also seems like he has been especially enjoying going to club activities.

Kirino: It’s not me.
I am sure that you have had a great influence on him, so I entrust him to you.

Kirino: This guy knows nothing.

-Maeda Sou

Shindou: …So,
Shindou: that’s what you sent to him?!

Shindou: Maestro!!

Page 6:
Shindou: It feels like you’re never going to contact him again!
Shindou: Even though you finally got to talk to Kirino…

Shindou: Maestro…

Shindou: If you’re gonna make this the first and last time, then don’t just write about me~~!!
Shindou: Talk more about yourseeeelf
Shindou: Stupiiiid!

Shindou: Hello?

Page 7:
Kirino: What was the point of you making Shindou go through all that work?!
Shindou: Ki– Kirino?

Kirino: You ended way too fast! You wrote too much!! It’s too polite!!
Kirino: It’s so annoying!!
Kirino: DO IT OVER!

Shindou: You didn’t have to say it to me…

Shindou: Huh? Kirino sent a message?
Shindou: “Since it’s annoying, keep sending me emails”?
Shindou: Huh…?

Part 7

Page 9:
Ever since he was little, he’s been an inflexible crybaby,
But since he’s a kind and charming person,
and since he was good at soccer,
people started gathering around him naturally.

I witnessed him once, heartbroken and down in the dumps.
And by trying to comfort him,
I made a place for myself.

Page 10:
“Someone who someone as great as him could trust.”
I felt a sort of pride by holding that title.

So that’s why
I was afraid of him growing stronger without me.

Page 11:
Kirino: Shindou’s Avatar is out…
Kirino: Even though he consumes a lot of energy, in reality, he’s powerful so he’s quite useful.
Kirino: Shindou.

Kirino: At the very least, Shindou needs this guy more than he needs me now.

Shindou: Um, this is…
Shindou: Right now, we were thinking about a new hissatsu…

Page 12:
Kirino: I know he’s not bad.
Kirino: If he makes you collapse again, though, I might have to change my mind.
Shindou: Kirino!

Kirino: Oh, and about that stalker person…
Shindou: Maeda?
Kirino: Yeah, that.
Shindou: Oh… so you really don’t want to go on?
Kirino: No, it’s okay.
Kirino: Since it was a request from you, I’ll go through with it a little longer.

Kirino: I sent a reply to Maeda about it,
Kirino: But I want you to tell them, too.

Page 13:
Shindou: Kirino, thank you!

Thank you for your reply. Shindou Takuto told me about it, as well.
I am very glad to embrace another chance to affiliate with you.

Forgive my rudeness, but I look forward to speaking with you.

-Maeda Sou

Kirino: Like I said, you’re too polite…

Part 8

Page 15:
Things like “The weather has been good today”,
or like “I read a fairly interseting book the other day…”

Day by day,
We sent each other boring diary-like messages for a week.

At the end of their messages,
Kirino: Again…?
Maeda Sou always would leave a question.

What my favorite food, color, or season was…
Boring details, just like with the contents of each email.

Page 16:
I don’t know if they’re just trying to get me to reply, or if the questions are innocent.
To be honest, that doesn’t matter.
The problem is…

This Maeda person…

Kirino: Ignoring me again?!
Never answers my own questions.
Kirino: Maedaaaaa!!

Kirino: Shindou!! What the hell is this guy?!
Kirino: At least tell me if they’re a guy or a girl, or how old they are!
Shindou: They’re pretty shy, so…
Kirino: Way too shy!!

Page 17:
Kirino: All I know is that they’re my stalker…
Shindou: Stalker…?
Kirino: The club.

Kirino: They’ve been coming to watch, haven’t they? Even though it doesn’t seem like every day.
Shindou: Cat’s out of the bag.

Kirino: They tell me about what they thought, and then give me some advice.
Kirino: Does Maeda play soccer?
Shindou: No…. but, they know a lot about it.
Shindou: I get advice from them sometimes, too.

Shindou: Speaking of that…
Shindou: They always praise you for being a good defender.

Page 18:
Kirino: Me?
Shindou: Yeah. They say that you look coolest while playing,
Shindou: and that’s when they like you the best.

Kirino: Huh…
Kirino: First time I’ve heard that…

Kirino: So they always come to watch our practice?
Shindou: Probably.
Shindou: See, rather than a stalker, they’re more like a passionate fan!

Page 19:
Kirino: …Yeah.
Kirino: Well, that’s not too bad.

Shindou: …Is what Kirino said.
Shindou: How about you try putting what you like about Kirino into words?

Shindou: What? Telling him again would be embarrassing?
Shindou: Well, do your best. (don’t get embarrased now.)

Part 9

Page 21:
SFX: Snap!
Akane: Fufufufufu ❤

Akane: Shin-sama is beautiful today, too…
Midori: Wow….
Midori: You never get tired of this, do you?

Shindou: Maestro?
Shindou: ?

Shindou: What do you want with the managers?

Page 22:
Shindou: Hey, do you have time?
Akane: What is it, Shin-sama? ❤

Shindou: Wait, Maestro!

Akane: My camera?
Shindou: Is that what you’re interested in?

Akane: Fufufu ❤

Akane: Shin-sama, Maestro-chan,
Akane: I’ll give you a copy later.

Page 23:
Shindou: That’s right, you came out pretty well.

Shindou: I have to thank Yamada tomorrow.

Shindou: !
Shindou: Maestro, I’m going to borrow this for a second.

Shindou: This should also be able to…
Shindou: Ah, I knew it!

Shindou: There!

Page 24:
Shindou: Look!

Shindou: You can take pictures yourself if you open this and push this button.
Shindou: Here, you can test it–
Shindou: out…

Shindou: Wh…
Shindou: Gotcha!

Shindou: Aah, you’ve done it now!
Shindou: There!
Shindou: Do a peace sign next time!

Page 25:
It seems like Holy Road is approaching its main matches soon.
Kirino: Damn, ignoring me again?!
I feel like as things are now, Raimon can definitely win the championship!

Please take caution so you don’t get injured again.
Kirino: Injured… that was a long time ago.
Kirino: You’re worrying too much…
I’m rooting for you.

-Maeda Sou

Kirino: What’s up with the sudden picture? And it has nothing to do with the rest of the message…
Kirino: …Shindou? What is he doing?

Kirino: Is that Shindou’s room? Did Maeda visit him? Huh?
Kirino: Huh…..?

Part 10

Page 27:
Like always, Maeda Sou never answers my questions.
Instead, for some reason,
They’ve been attaching pictures to their messages lately.
Most of them were of Shindou,
But even though they didn’t do anything bad,
I felt sort of jealous.

Kirino: So he wasn’t lying…
Shindou: Please…
Shindou: They’re really important to me.

Page 28:
Shindou: Kirino.

Shindou: What are you looking at?
Kirino: Maeda’s email…. ‘s attached picture of you.
Shindou: Oh!

Shindou: This was from a little while ago, when we were having an air guitar tournament late at night…
Kirino: What the hell do you two do?

Kirino: And why are they all pictures of you?
Shindou: Ah… I asked that too.
Shindou: I told them that if anything, take pictures of Kirino.
Kirino: Hey.

Kirino: All they’re doing is bothering themself.
Kirino: It’s too much, trying to send pictures, too.
Kirino: Actually, the pictures are fine the way they are, but…

Page 29:
Kirino: Maeda won’t take any weird pictures, anyways.
Shindou: Oho!
Kirino: Th–
Kirino: That’s because they don’t have the courage to, right!!

Kirino: Anyways, enough with the pictures!!
Shindou: Yes, yes.
Kirino: And tell Maeda to answer my questions already!!
Shindou: Ah, that’s right.

Shindou: I’m supposed to go to a board meeting now, so~
Kirino: Hurry up and leave!!

Shindou: Well, looks like he trusts you well enough.
Shindou: But you have to start answering his questions soon…

Page 30:
Shindou: If you make a mistake, then he’ll find out who you are…
Shindou: Hm? The flowers? Yeah, they’re pretty…

Shindou: !
Shindou: Take a picture!!

Shindou: See, he said to stop with all the pictures of me.
Shindou: Next, we should start sending pictures of things you like!

Shindou: Looks pretty good!
Shindou: Send it to Kirino quick!

Shindou: Send!

Kirino: Huh?
Kirino: Just a picture?
Kirino: And it’s not of Shindou…

Page 31:
Kirino: Did Shindou already tell them what I said…?
Kirino: But they still haven’t answered any of my questions–
Kirino: Hm?

Kariya: Well then, starting from tomorrow.
Kariya: I’m looking forward to it.

Page 32:
Kariya: ?!

Kariya: Ow…

Kariya: Ah… damn, what was that? (Maeda?)

Kariya: Annoying.

Kirino: Look! On the side of the screen!! Isn’t that you?!
Kirino: Were you with Maeda just now? (and you can see these flowers from downstairs!!)
Kirino: What? Are they a Raimon student?!

Shindou: (I don’t know… I don’t know.)