Script only. Bundle 3 of 3. The story is divided into a total of 15 parts, each bundle containing 5 parts. Page numbering is based on the pixiv stack for slightly easier navigation. All credit for the story goes to ブラックサンダー on Pixiv.

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Part 11

Page 3:
Kariya: My name is Kariya Masaki.
Kariya: It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Tenma: Alright, Kariya!
Shinsuke: Congrats on getting in!
Kariya: Thank you.

Kariya: Now,

Kariya: Judging from morning practice, everyone seems to be at a fairly high level.
Kariya: Isn’t it kind of rough to stick a newbie in with the regulars so quickly?

Shindou: Kariya.

Page 4:
Shindou: I’ll give you your uniform, so come with me.
Kariya: Okay!

Kariya: I’m coming no–
Kariya: Uwah

Shindou: Sorry, he must’ve scared you.
Shindou: He said that he wanted to meet the new club member, so…

Shindou: This is my Avatar, Maestro.
Shindou: He wants to say, “nice to meet you.”
Kariya: Hello…

Page 5:
Kariya: This is the first time I’ve seen one in person.
Kariya: I’ll just smile for now

Shindou: Huh? You like Kariya?
Shindou: I’m glad, then.
Kariya: That was easy…

Kariya: He seems soft-hearted… almost like he’s weak.
Kariya: How do you fight against other Avatars like that…?

Page 6:
Kariya: …big hands.

Kirino: Kariya!!

Kirino: About what happened last practice…
Kariya: That again…?

Kirino: Since it’ll bring attention to us from Fifth Sector, try not to do things like that again.
Kirino: In a match, it’ll get us a foul.

Kariya: I’m sorry.
Kariya: I was kind of spacing out…

Kirino: As long as you understand.
Kirino: Be careful next time.
Kariya: Okaaay.

Page 7:
Kariya: That guy’s way annoying.
Kariya: Acting all superior, even though his skills aren’t all that great…
Kariya: …Oh, that’s right.

Kariya: If I don’t have a “seat”,
Kariya: Then I can crush him until I open one up.

Kariya: Yep,
Kariya: I’m a genius!

Part 12

Page 9:
Isn’t the new member, Kariya-kun, amazing?

His strength and performance both rank near the top, even within the club.
His technique is still unpolished, but as his upperclassman I believe you can support him well.

I feel like he will become a good defender for Raimon.

-Maeda Sou

Page 10:
[Stalker disqualification]

Shindou: What’s this?

Shindou: By “stalker disqualification”, does that mean you’ve been raised to “friend” status?
Shindou: Right… he sounds kind of angry…

Shindou: Ah.

Page 11:
Shindou: He got into a fight with Kariya today, so maybe that’s why?

Shindou: But if “stalker disqualification” doesn’t mean that you’re his friend now, then…
Shindou: You’re strangers…?

Shindou: This is bad!!
Shindou: Our chance is gone!!

Kirino: Dammit…

Kirino: Perfect.
Kirino: I got too angry last time…

Page 12:
Kirino: Neither Shindou nor anyone else has noticed.
Kirino: There’s no way Maeda would get it…

Kirino: I should apologize…

Kirino: ……

Kirino: Aaaaah!

Page 13:
Kirino: It’s not like I told him off or anything!
Kirino: And they really are a stalker!

Kirino: I shouldn’t…
Kirino: Need to apologize…

Shindou: Now, then…

Shindou: It looks like you’re back to being a stalker, but…
[I take it back]
Shindou: …how do we reply to this?

Part 13

Page 15:
Above living,
“Position” is important for humans.

In school,

even between family,
they need to realize exactly where they stand in their enviroment.

If I found the best place where I could stand,

Page 16:
And someone else
had already taken that spot…

Page 17:
I’d just
shove “them” out of the way.

No matter what means I’d have to take…

Kariya: All’s good, all’s good.

Page 18:
Kariya: His expression looks pretty dead right now.
Kariya: At this rate, by the next match,

Kariya: He’ll be crus–


Kariya: ?!

Page 19:
Kariya: Who..? What did this Maeda guy do?
Kirino: (I know you’re here!!)
Kirino: (Show yourself!!)
Kariya: Was he always the type to get mad like that?

Kariya: With me, it was more like…

Kariya: Maeda, huh…
Kariya: Maybe I don’t need to do anything after all?

Part 14

Page 21:
Tenma: Maeda?

Tenma: I don’t know him.
Shinsuke: Yeah…

Aoi: Are they in your grade?
Midori: No clue.
Akane: Same here…

Amagi: I dunno.
Kurumada: Even between the resigned members and old third years,
Kurumada: I don’t think there was anyone named that…

Tsurugi: Who knows.
Kariya: They’re not a seed?

Kurama: Who?
Hayami: I’ve never heard of that name…
Hamano: Maeda~?
Hamano: I know one~~!

Page 22:
Kariya: You do?
Hamano: Yeah!
Hamano: Maeda Sou! Kirino’s stalker, right?

Kariya: …Huh?
Hamano: Yeah, his stalker.
Kariya: But… Kirino senpai sends him messages…
Hamano: Ah. That’s, well…

Shindou: You want to know
Shindou: about Maeda?

Page 23:
Kariya: Yes. Even though Kirino senpai seems do dislike them,
Kariya: I heard that they were pen pals, so…

Kariya: (They’re Shindou senpai’s friend, aren’t they?)
Kariya: I think senpai doesn’t like me, either,
Kariya: So I wanted to get some advice from Maeda…

Shindou: I never thought Kariya would be interested in Maeda…
Shindou: But he looks pretty troubled
Shindou: Maestro’s pretty fond of Kariya, too,
Shindou: So exchanging addresses would be…
Shindou: Wait, no, he’ll find everything out like this!
Shindou: But… still…

Shindou: I-I-I-I-I…
Shindou: Instrumentalist Maestrooo!!!
Kariya: Wha?!

Page 24:
Kariya: U…m…
Kariya: If you brought your Avatar out because you weren’t okay with it, then you don’t have to bother introducing them…
Shindou: No! That’s not right!

Shindou: You just surprised me because you mentioned Maeda!

Kariya: He’s totally in a rush…
Shindou: I’ll go ask Maeda about this!

Kariya: Would you get this flustered with a normal friend?
Kariya: What in the world is Maeda?
Kariya: Could they seriously be a seed?

Page 25:
Kariya: And that guy, too… what was he, Instrumentalist Maestro?
Kariya: Even his Avatar seems pretty confused…

Instrumentalist… “Sousha Maestro…”

[Skill activate! “Naming Sense”]

Kariya: Since it’s “Sousha Maestro,” could it be that…
Kariya: He’s “Maeda Sou”?

Page 26:
Kariya: Just kidding, there’s no way…

Kariya: …Uh,

Kariya: Are you serious?

Part 15

Page 28:
Dear Mr. Kariya Masaki,
Shindou: Please, Kariya!!

Shindou: Please keep the fact that Maeda is Maestro a complete secret from Kirino!
Thank you for today.
It feels slightly strange sending an email to somebody who knows who I am.

Kariya: I don’t mind at all, but…
Kariya: Why are you trying to keep yourself a secret?

Shindou: Um, this is kinda…
Shindou: …unavoidable, is it.

Page 29:
Kariya: I didn’t know Avatars could fall in love.
Shindou: You knew!!
Kariya: It’s obvious.
Kariya: Well, that’s fine.

Kariya: You have to choose a way to get what you want, after all.
Kariya: I’ll keep your secret.
Forgive my rudeness, but I appreciate your cooperation.

Shindou: Kariya…
Kariya: But,

And also
Kariya: You’ll have to do something for me in return?

Page 30:
Shindou: Huh?
I am very pleased that you would want to concern yourself with me, on top of knowing who I am.

-Maeda Sou

Kariya: Whoa,
Kariya: He really sent me something!

Kariya: Maeda’s mail address.
Kariya: I wanna know it.

Page 31:
Shindou: But what about trying to get along with Kirino…?
Kariya: Oh, that’s alright. That’s already too big of a problem.
Kariya: After all, doesn’t this sound pretty fun?
Kariya: Being friends with an Avatar, that is.

Kariya: Maestro’s the one that actually types the letters, right?
Shindou: Yeah.
Kariya: Well then, we’re pen pals!

Kariya: He’s really simple.
Kariya: Captain’s simple too, but his Avatar’s even more so.

Page 32:

Kariya: Well, it seems pretty interesting, and it could be useful eventually.
Kariya: Thank you!
Kariya: It was a good idea to trade addresses.
Shindou: He says, “It’s nice to meet you again.”

Kariya: …He’s sending this small email
Kariya: even though his hands are that big.

Kariya: Just for me…
Kariya: That’s funny.

end. (for now?)