April 2013

Final Wonderland/Saigo no Wonderland/最後のワンダーランド
Sung by: Kagamine Rin
Producer: Kururingo/くるりんご

I have an intense passion for Kururingo. I won’t even hide it. This song brings an end to her Sorcerer Family series (Magician’s Apprentice, I Say Goodbye to the Crumbling World, and to an extent, Undersea Family Restaurant).

“This is my 32nd work called, as you can see, ‘Final Wonderland!’
With this, the mysterious world comes to a close. ^^
The song itself I composed before Plum Conversation, (since I made them in a row you can tell I got obsessed with the accordion LOL)
but I wanted to put it out around this time, so it ended up coming afterwards! (I won’t ever admit that it was only because drawing was a pain or because I got into sewing instea– /shot)
I built this world while slowly adding elements from Cinderella, so if the curse isn’t undone by midnight, it’ll be a bad end.
Will this cursed girl, who had her kind heart and precious old memories stripped away from her, be able to lift all the curses by midnight…?! That’s the kind of story it is.”
(from this song’s lyrics page)


Plum Conversation/Baika Watan/梅花話譚
Sung by: Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin
Producer: Kururingo/くるりんご

It looked like there wasn’t a translation for this out there yet, so here we are.

“For my 30th work, I created a song about a girl that was taken with her great grandfather at first sight, without knowing who he was…
To be precise, it’s a story about a girl’s yandere older brother watching over her as she was taken with her great grandfather at first sight without knowing who he was!!
As always, it’s chock-full with my strange tastes! (´∀`) Please pay them no mind.
I composed the song itself in December, but I felt like showing a portrait of the deceased around New Year’s would be bad luck, so I waited a bit before uploading.”
(from the song’s lyrics page)