A Family’s Tea Party/Toaru Ikka no Ocha Kaigi/とある一家の御茶会議
Sung by: GUMI
Producer: Kururingo/くるりんご

This is actually an old song by Kururingo, released last year in her first album ‘Kurukururingo”. It acts as an epilogue song the Sorcerer Family series, and… unfortunately, it will be her last upload.

Yeah, Kururingo’s decided to end her VOCALOID career here to “learn more about the rest of the world.” I’m personally quite saddened by this announcement, and I hope she’ll one day come back, since I really do love her works… but there’s nothing much I can do about it. I hope everything goes well for her in the future! Anyways, here is her final upload.

“A happy end song that I made about a year ago and have been itching to share ever since! (*´ω`*)

A former powerful and famous sorcerer was suddenly cursed, had the years stolen away from him, and gained a horribly mutilated body.
To undo the curse, he had to learn to love his mutilated self.
Unable to feel love for his tattered self, he cast a curse on his two sons in an attempt to end the world.
However, the curse failed. His children lost their bodies, and the sorcerer lost 3/4 of his powers by even daring to cast a curse on other people.
Feeling responsible for forcing his two children into such pitiful states, he cast another curse on his daughter, forcing her to lift the curses. In turn, he lost one half of his remaining power by casting the curse.
However, his daughter lifted both the curses on herself and her two younger brothers.
Unable to grasp success with nearly all of his magic gone, he was dragged back by his daughter.
And now, living with nearly no magic, he finds what he was missing all along…”
(from this song’s lyrics page)