Another Dearest/アナザー・ディアレスト
Sung by: GUMI
Producer: Kururingo/くるりんご

The answer song to Identity Crisis, and one of Kuruingo’s first popular songs (along with Jessica). Also the third in a series of Kururingo song requests I received last week. Huh? Those three colored squares sort of resemble a certain god trio? Fufufu.

Translation/Kanji under the cut! No romaji this time, I’m afraid.


Remains of Love/Koi Nokoritsuki/恋ノコリツキ
Sung by: GUMI/Ito Kashitaro (A double-release song; GUMI and Kashitaro’s versions were released at the same time)
Producer: Taruto/たると
GUMI ver: Nicovideo/Youtube
Kashitaro ver: Nicovideo/Youtube

Translated this back when it came out, but never posted it… No Romaji.


Weak Insect Montblanc/Yowa Mushi Monburan/弱虫モンブラン
Sung by: GUMI
Producer: DECO*27

Translation/Romaji/Kanji below: